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Hello everyone and welcome to Play Along Tracks brought to you by Grammy-Award-Winning guitar virtuoso Frank Gambale.

The aim of this site is to provide motivational play-along tracks covering most styles such as Rock, 12 bar Blues , Reggae, Jazz standards, Jazz Blues and Modal progressions.Frank Gambale crafted all of these tracks himself. In most cases you will have the pleasure of having Frank playing rhythm guitar just for YOU!

These tracks are designed to make practicing time valuable and fun by providing an inspirational backdrop to formulate new ideas and hone your improvisational skills. Many of the mp3s are available in various tempos making them useful for everybody.

These are the tracks Frank uses in his own practice time. Each mp3 is a minimum 20 minutes long, a good long length to really get into a zone and practice a progression deeply. The fabulous mp3 format allows you to carry them and practice anywhere from your home studio, on the road or at the beach! New content will be added over time.

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Happy jammin’.